About Zainub

A Pakistani girl,  interested in everything that happens around me (nosy, to put it) especially literature, history, politics, music, movies , international affairs and everything. I am not a hypocrite (at least I try not to be), nor do I like hypocrites. I’m blunt (used to be. Now, in my thoughts mostly).

Okay, I can’t write a cool bio. Get the idea already!

PS  I am stupid but I don’t admit usually. Amen. God bless lassi!


30 thoughts on “About Zainub”

      1. a typical paksitani girl but have a courage to speak, write and explore the creative ideas!! good to see that. but any how your blogs are good i havent read much of them, but still good luck for the future. Be blessed.

  1. Hello Miss. Zainub,

    I am Hassam, chief editor of Y buzz Magazine. We are currently looking for bloggers for our online magazine and I would really like to work with you. We will offer your blog address with your introduction alongside with every article you write. We currently have more than 600 views daily. I am looking forward to your response so that we can work on the details.


    Chief Editor Y Buzz Magazine


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