Of books and reviews

Writers have this strange (and dangerous) power over readers’ minds. A reader is as helpless in the hands of a writer as a toy. While you’re really into a piece, you can’t help anything. You get to wish. Growing fiercer. So, I was reading a trio. As the end was coming near, I was secretly praying to God for the characters I was in love with. At a certain point, it seemed like the whole point of the story was non-sense and it all seemed to be going in the wrong way. My head was pounding so hard I thought my mind would blow up. I stopped instantly as if to prepare myself for what was going to happen next.

What are characters that we get so involved with? Just a figment of imagination of the writer -the ruthless being who can get your beloved characters disappear like they never existed. And you can do nothing about it. You are at his mercy. For he is the master of their world.

Sofie’s World by Jostein Gaarder has been one of my favorites since I actually came into reading. Every time it gives me new perspectives. It has so much for you even if you’re not into Philosophical Studies. Recommended.


(I know. But I felt like sharing it.)


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