home sweet home

No matter how used to I get, leaving Sargodha always makes me cry. Sargodha terminal is a small station. The buses ready to leave face the main road. When the bus is just about to leave, Papa turns his way back to home. I see the car going away from the window with my heart beat going feeble. And just when it gets out of sight, a few drops wet my eyes -most of the time absorbed and dried within the lashes.


7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Leaving home is always difficult especially when someone leaves for a hostel or any study trip. Parting in itself is dying a little. Anyhow, I liked the category in which is has been posted. “Blah Blah..Rubbish.” Sounds cool.

  2. Home is where the heart is but leaving home is not as heartbreaking than parents leaving their children for good. Your feeling got to me straight to the heart. Wonderfully expressed and written!

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