This Vice in Me

Destiny, Fate, Kismet, Fortune, Luck, Lot, Doom, Moirai? What are they? If everything is predestined, what are we punished for? If everything happens by God‘s will, why does crime exist? Why are we damned for the nuisance we make? It’s like, did we actually do something? From where does our domain start?

On every ponder, my mind used to be chewed up even harder. Neurons got mingled. Eying wide around, I did get my thirst assuaged. I’m very satisfied now. I’m quoting it here, in case, someone’s in seek.

“(When asked about the domain of authority granted by God to man) Lift up a leg of yours; that’s your domain. Now, lift the other one as well; that’s where it ends!” -Hazrat Ali R.A




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