We, the Inferior Bugs

Hey there! I’m a bug. Not a computer-bug, a REAL bug!  All I got is my home-tree and my people. ❤ :’) My home-tree, you wouldn’t believe such a beauty it is!

Minar-e-Pakistan The Faisal Mosque
Baadshaahi Mosque, Lahore

The Quaid’s Tomb, KHI

The People are so diligent and simple- Simple dreams, Simple lives. Mango bugs we are, in fact!

The rain drops sip through the upper bulk, drop by drop to the lower hives as W.H.Davies comprehended, heh. But that’s okay. We can stand that. All these years (64), we’ve been! The people on the lower branches go mad every once in a while. Yeah, it’s like a habit now. Predictable. But The queen’s as stubborn as the people, TeeHee. Pity on us, never got a Queen that could really care for The People! Alas!

Since the Queen’s never gonna take even the slightest hitch out of the post, enough with the old-school-Queen-crisis! Do you know how many smarty-wings we got over here? 😉 UNCOUNTABLE, man! Such pride they grant us. They are the oxygen to our lives:))




But do you know the sad part? There are other trees, other bugs- the superior bugs. They don’t like us, I think. This is because home-tree, accidentally, nourished some bad bugs. The bugs who wanted to dominate the whole home-tree and even other trees. Wanted the bugs to cross their hearts for them, for their will. They were loud bugs, thought what they were doing was right. The people never liked ’em. Nor did we help them. But alas! Our wings are fragile. They were strong, stout bugs. The superior bugs felt they should kill those bad bugs before they dominate all the trees. So, they planned attacks on the home-tree. Sigh. Superior bugs thought their people would be unsafe if bad bugs persisted their movement. Their lives were precious. After all, they were the superior bugs!

The thing is nobody cared for us, the inferior bugs. They sent drones on us. I’ve never seen a drone in my life. But mother says they are cruel, ruthless  and dreadful entities who got no mercy. They sting blindly. They sting every bug that comes in their way, no matter accidentally. So, drones started invading many parts of the home-tree. Innocent bugs were killed.



Once, there came was a Superior bug stationed at home-tree. I don’t know why he was intoxicated, drunk, high or something, he killed some of our Mango People! The people got furious legitimately. Their families shouted. But somehow, the Superior bugs managed to pay the nectar and get their bug away! :S I never came to understand what kind of laws do the Superior bugs follow!

Recently, the Superior bugs, ‘accidentally’, killed scores of our Soldier-bugs! ah. Do you know, in all our lives we’ re brought up by loving these Soldier-bugs? The bugs that risk their sacred lives  for us. How could they kill our beloved ones  like that! The People’s sneer made the Queen to interrupt. She blocked the space around the home-tree from where the Superior bugs got to get their ‘interests’. The People demanded an apology. An APOLOGY!! For God’s sake, you kill our bugs and what you can’t do is to apologize on that?? Your Bug-ship?? Your Peace-Peace-Peace-Spirit?? Your No-Racism-Passion?? Your Bug-Rights-Torch-Bearing??

You are no peace-masters to me! If you don’t get me the peace of my life, you don’t deserve that Noble Prize for Bug-Peace!! >.<

I wonder if our lives are worthless! All the pondering I did, I came to conclude that We Are the Inferior Bugs. But mother says I shouldn’t be thinking like this. There will be a dawn- a blood-less, peaceful, pleasant dawn! God knows how much I want to believe her. Hopes high, dreams big, after all, this is what we can do.

BUT the tagline to this post is that I just wanna say two things:

To the Queen: Give the poor People a Goddamn break!

To the Superior Bugs: We have a life, you need to get one!!


29 thoughts on “We, the Inferior Bugs”

  1. & Here I Was Thinking that You Were Good For Nothing, & Then You Post This. Bas Ab Aur Koi Thought Againt You Nahin.

    I Like It, The Way You Write Confuses Me A Little But Its All Under Control When I Read It With A Little Concentration Away From Tetris, Well Done, Well Written…And Always, Keep Writing.

  2. another inferior bug reas the post, *Claps* , is putta words, Manages to say two words ‘Wings (Hats) Off’ 🙂

  3. One of the most heartfelt posts I have ever come across. Truly touched my heart. Well written Zainub! This is indeed a beautiful ‘voice’ 🙂 Well done. Keep it up sis 🙂


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