A folk.

     She was born! And she could not help it. She was made to cry as those who don’t cry, go ‘insane’. So, she cried, she cried at the top of her lungs. She was lustrous like a freshly cut metal. She had no idea how long will it last. She had to rust, after all. Her eyes sparkled as the wavelengths touched her retinas. And she saw, and she kept seeing. This was an amazing sight! It was world, The World. It was too captivating to ignore. She tried to catch it, catch every bit of the moment. Soon after she was carried away, she felt for the thing called ‘food’. Her craving grew stronger and fiercer. So, she started to make cries for it. And this was her fate, crying for the cravings! She’d started to crave since she stepped out of ‘the deep and dark’ and she’ll crave till she steps into ‘the deep and dark’.  After all, she is one of the hungry billions!


18 thoughts on “A folk.”

  1. Excellent stuff ….though the craving part kept reminding me of cakes & muffins.
    But as always a good & thought upon script/story. I like it & the tags gave me a laugh. I mean, “Charles Darwin”? 😛

  2. Zainab interesting post…but I got to admit; I didn’t quite get it. Is it about shortage of food in Africa?
    Oh, by the way its now my time to say: Drop in to check my posts as well. 🙂

    1. hahaha I can roll on the floor, laughing. 😀 On a serious note, it’s about being born, passing life without any ambition except ,yet, passing the for-granted span and then, dying away just like that!
      So, we’re even, huh? for sure! 🙂

  3. “That” is a brilliant piece of writting .. although I dont fully support writting sad pieces 🙂 ..

    so I pray you always smile and spread smiles in other’s lives 🙂

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