Something ‘So Not Me’

About a year ago, I wrote a poem by the title: Suicide. My cousin happened to read that. He got pretty much worried about me and delivered a fairly long lecture on how’s life and how it moves on. He asked me to rewrite the poem with a new and better subject but I barely got that in my head. This was the original ‘Suicide’


Isn’t it a suicide that I ‘v committed?

How could I do that? How I permitted?

All my enthusiasm, all that passion

Drowned in hell while a horrible session

All those relations, all my friends

Those courageous scorns, all resolute trends

Instead of making me stout, they all de-powered

All turned me into a contemptible coward

I could not fight a battle of throne

Holding their dreams and countering my own

What a pity this is, I fancy

I could not occupy a single vacancy!

Alas! I let down their fervent feather

And my will was not satisfied either.

Then, after about six months, I woke up one morning and strolling through my diary, I happened to feel like rewriting the poem. The title I gave it was: His Last Murmur and here goes the next part.

But now, I have this desperate wish

If, in any case, I were a pheonix!

For rising from the ashes is all I need

To do the due and relish my creed

Listen, dear son! Mark my word’!

Grasp the echo of a fainting bird

If dying without turning a single leaf

You didn’t deserve this life so brief

“Be successful” is not a phrase of fate

You gotta earn it, at any rate!

Die today or die tomorrow, however,

Make it deserving and you live forever.

The point is that life never ends unless you stop breathing. It DOES move on. Cheers!

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18 thoughts on “Something ‘So Not Me’”

  1. How much the direction of thoughts change in such a small amount of time, but for some it doesn’t even when faced by an eternity.

    The original one, while good in a genre, does not sound pretty much well. It lacks the spirit & a will.

    The second one is just a joy to read. Not only it indulged me in it after the first two lines, but it also made me read it a number of times. & the last two lines are just thoughtful & if I must add ==quite the truth.

    So, Overall Awesomely Written –Keep Writing.

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