13 thoughts on “Who Dares to resist Dreams?”

  1. Regardless of whether you choose to make your dreams public or keep them private, a person MUST have dreams! This is what gets you through life: it helps you focused, it helps you grow, it gives you a goal to reach for!

    1. thank you so much for commenting!… I need your advice. I really feel like writing on a subject that may contradict many of my readers’. Should I write that? after all, this is my blog and I have this right, don’t I?

      1. My first thought is to say that you ALWAYS have a right to tell your version of the truth and state your opinions. However, you do live in an area of world that’s different than mine and that’s not always a wise thing to do.

        Does what you are considering writing about involve a subject that will put you in any danger? If so, don’t write about it right now, wait until you are a little older and are better able to defend yourself. You are very young: there is a lot of time yet for you to say what you wish.

        If what you want to talk about will simply “challenge” other people—attempt to make them see things a little differently—then it’s a good thing to go ahead and write about it.

        If you have doubts as to exactly what might happen, there is no shame in just waiting and thinking about it for a while before you write about it. Sometimes that’s the smartest way to go.

        I hope this helps.

  2. @gKinnaird yeah, it did . Thank you so much :). I ‘ll ,definitely, ponder on the piece while I write it and will put my best while messing through words so that no one ends up offended. I really think I should write it!
    thanks again and Regards.

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