Figure it out!

A friend of mine suggested that I should work out with my blog name. That really drove me into an inferiority complex ’cause the first and the foremost blogger I ever subscribed to has her blog by  her own name. But I regained myself and made this to echo in my mind: “I love my name! What if it isn’t so appealing?!”. Then one horrible day, it popped in my mind how once, my very dear e-pal got carried away and said to me: “When I first sent you a ‘friend request’, I thought you were a guy! (which I highly doubted in the first place by the way)”. Pity, so, I considered this fact that I won’t get enough traffic for my blog and my poems will be ‘rotten away in the depths of ignorance’ (or some smart geek ‘ll get them published before I do), unless I work out a good, nice name for my blog. But after a really hard and mentally arduous session of pondering I wasn’t able to figure out any better thing of it. So, I finally came up with the idea that it is too intellectual to be me to think of something I need to think, not that I want to think! So, I leave it to my poor readers (a handful of whom I got, with this ‘not so cool’ blog name) to figure out something cool, if they get some pretty spare time to waste. I ‘ll be more than grateful! May be I’ll owe you a cookie or probably a group hug (pardon me, it feels like I haven’t had a group hug in ages). Or else wise it won’t be very disturbing for me ’cause I’ve considered the fact that I’m too dumb to carry some heat, no worries, I’ll just change the name to “figure it out” so that, everyone figures it out to his/her fill. Now, I’ll just shut up and you guys carry on with your stuff if, at all, anyone is reading!


I just felt like posting it.



19 thoughts on “Figure it out!”

  1. “Whatever takes your blog through the day, no matter how good title you come up with after a few days you’ll be fed up with it. So stay with one & keep that one.” ~Says the person who sometimes feels like changing.

  2. hahah! loved the “i-dun-care-attitude”
    I believe in one thing Zainab. One who wants to read your blog, will read it whatever ur name will be, but others will keep picking out faults rather than appreciating! so chill!:)

  3. I once posted few of my poems on a private forum under the title of “Stupidity in Poetry” but I don’t think the name do justice to the type of poems you publish. How about “The Untrodden Ways” or “The Difference to Me!”. The phrases are taken from “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways”; a master piece by Williams Wordsworth.Anyhow, where is my cookie?

  4. That ‘s so nice of you to ponder…I had given up the idea though. Nice suggestions…”The Untrodden Ways” reminded me of “Less travelled by”- a master piece by my cousin…lol, n I don’t mind having the title “Stupidity in Poetry” *but we all know I’m not so good at naming*.and uhh…about the cookie..come, get it! 😉 …umm… What about the group hug? 😀

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