In the loneliness of my solitude, I fancy,

“Why does my heart beat so badly?”

In every contraction, relaxation of ventricles,

“What does the poor thing seek so ghastly?”

In every inhale, exhale of the air,

“How do my lungs do feat so fast?”

In every image of opaque objects,

“Where is the shadow that my retinas cast?”

In every time of my severe trial,

“Which is the force that holds my brain?”

In every time of my grief and despair,

“Who is their to take up all strain?”

Every time this assay reveals me the same:

God is the divine answer, all else is lame!”

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About Zainub Javed

I am everything you are not, like you're everything I'm not. Leveled. A struggling medical student. I'm trying to live with it. Peacefully.
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9 Responses to Assay

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this your own work??? Its real difficult for me to believe!!!

  2. ridafatima says:

    it would be better if there would “ALLAH” instead of GOD…

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ridafatima….it doesn’t matter if she wrote GOD or Allah….it is ones personal choice to reveal who he worships…for any Muslim, GOD will mean Allah, for a Buddhist, it would mean the Buddha and so on…so that was rather pointless…and that too in a poem, where things are so deep that many ppl can’t decipher what he/she has tried to communicate.

  4. ridafatima says:

    @Anonymous ALLAH is most beautiful word… that’s why i suggested….. nothing else…

  5. The Hook says:

    Beautiful piece and graphic.

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