Eternal Love

Encrouching shadows, engraving darkness

Deadly silence and ramming harshness

He is to live, must not he die

Like a truthful, valiant , righteous lie

‘Cause anxious is she, waiting like hell

Catching her breaths in a desperate cell

To give her wings to the poor little dove

To embrace, respect their eternal love

Till she dreams, till Β she dare’

For her embodiment, he ‘ll be there

Eternal bonding and she ‘ll survive

For he is the hope and she is life!

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Published by: Zainub Javed

A struggling med student. Sort of a writer. Kind of a poet. A little bit of an artist. I am everything you are not, like you're everything I'm not. Aren't we all make believing a little too much?

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18 thoughts on “Eternal Love”

  1. zainub, you are an exceptional poet!!!and its really hard to believe that the same person drew that picture…if that’s true, than you are an exceptional artist!!!

  2. I just cant help myself from quoting radiohead’s lyrics:
    “True love waits; in haunted attics,
    and true love lives; on lolly pops and crisps”
    and I dont know if its relevant or not but who cares?

  3. Just Loved The Whole Rhyme Scheme That You Went With, The Drawing Just Made Me Jealous. I Wish I Could Draw Like That, It Just Brings Poetry To A Whole New Dimension, Give A Whole New Meaning To It. Love It.

    You Should Be Careful While Using Microsoft Word Or Any other Word Editor, When It Changes To HTML, The Quotes [“”] Don’t Come Of Straight, They Come Off A Little Different. & That’s What Is Off In THis Poem.

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